I’d say 35% of the people in this world are good and the rest of the 65% of the people are bad/evil. What has this world become?

A terribly unfortunate event happened to my piano teacher. He’s a dedicated musician who’s single, in his fifties, is very kind to everyone, and he takes care of his mother. His mom tells him that he should get married, since she will die and he will need a companion. Being the very good son he is, he decides to go look for a wife. A friend introduces a woman he knows who is from China (WOW that’s totally the best place in the world to look for women) and tells him to go meet her. So he goes off to China, they chill for 9 days, and get married.  He applied her to immigrate to Canada, he also gave a large amount of money to her family and the married couple goes to Canada. His mother was very happy when she saw her. Gave her $10,000 (Canadian) as a gift, a wedding ceremony was planned, and everything was happyness. Or they thought it was…

Not too long later, the woman becomes very unhappy. She was always saying that she feels ill and prefers to stay in her room all day. Her emotions start to run loose and begins having tempertantrums. She decides she doesn’t want to get married and leaves Canada (with my teacher buying te plane ticket for her). Everyone was kind of upset but decides to just move on with life. Or they thought they could…

One day at home, my teacher does his usual thing and his doorbell rings. Well who could it be? It was the woman he met in China!! Has she come back to declare her undenying love for him? Has she come back to beg for forgiveness? I’m afraid not…she wasn’t alone appearing at his doorstep, she was with a lawyer! This the what my teacher hears from the lawyer:
Well guess what half of what you own  belongs to your ex-wife. Yes although it was a 3 month marriage, you gotta hand over half of ALL the money that you’ve made in your entire life. So that jackass lawyer (who is obviously not a good person either. how the hell can you be lawyer when you’re defending someone that is a criminal) tells him that half of the house, your tv, furniture, computer and even his most treasure item, his piano belongs to her. The fucking douchebag lawyer tells him that his piano is worth $30,000 when he only bought it for $18,000 6 years ago. According to the Canadian law, you can only split the money if you have been married for a year, so how the hell can that lawyer say that. That leech should get deported from Canada. My teacher is in such a terrible mental state that he couldn’t teach any piano for a few weeks and he didn’t think he could teach anymore. But my mom told him to be calm and continue to teach. That woman has got one crazy sneaky lawyer, that lawyer even asked him to hand over all his students information. That is completely ridiculous, he doesn’t have the right to do that. Obviously this was all planned by that woman and someone obviously helped her with this scheme as well. She should get deported from Canada. I am so pissed about this, I can’t believe someone can have the heart to do this. I’ve heard many cases where people pick someone from China to marry and they end up getting cheated, but this is by far the worst case I’ve heard. It seems like this is how the world is today: Women get tricked by men and Men get tricked by women. I hope God will send down thunder and strike that bitch and her gay lawyer down.

 On another note about trust…
Haha this time I am the victim. A few weeks after term 2 is over I get an email saying that there is an irregularity in my assignment and you must meet with your instructor this email contains seriousness and urgency. So I’m like what the hell is this about. I go meet with my instructor and they tell me that there is some major similarity between my assignment and a few other people. A few other people?! How the hell did that happen, I put so much effort into this assignment why would I freely give out my code to other people. Then it dawned on me, I remember sending the first part of my assignment to this honger guy because he had wanted to look at it. He even remarked himself that he wouldn’t copy it either. So I sent it to him trusting he wouldn’t go back on what he said. But now I am sitting in my prof’s office with a problem at my hands..how wonderful. Apparently he had copied the entire thing the part of my assignment (which was the 2nd biggest part of the assignment) PLUS he had sent it to a few of his other friends and they also copied and pasted my code. Well…I did not know what to say to that. That jerk is the biggest jerk I’ve ever met in my life. The prof said part of this was my fault and I shouldn’t have sent it to him and blah blah blah. It sounded like he thought I freely let them copy my assignment and he put some blame on me.

Luckily, I got an email from the prof a week later saying that he wouldn’t report my case. YAY! Those fags who copied my assignment deserved to get screwed over. I’m pretty sure I got my ass saved by my wonderful TA. When my prof was questioning me where I usually did my assignemt, I mentioned that I usually go to Dutch’s hours to ask for help. And my prof marked down his name, so I’m pretty sure he went to talk to him since my prof was pretty intent on reporting my case. Actually I have that honger guy’s msn, I wanted to spaz at him but it seems like he has blocked me.
Lesson learned: Keep my guard up, don’t be too nice to people even at UBC and don’t trust anyone you don’t know that well.

I can’t believe they chose Jaslene, the man looking super skinny drag queen from the “hood”.  Natasha totally deserved to win, her CoverGirl photoshoot owned Jaslene’s. Renee deserved to be in the final 2 but the judges thought she photographed too old and kicked her off. That is bullshit. If Jaslene didn’t even make it to the cut last cycle, how can she become ANTM this cycle. During the final judging, they only compared the photos Jaslene looked good in to Natasha’s photos so it made it look like Jaslene’s photos look better. All the judges except Tyra thought Jaslene did a better job at the runway show and that is so not true. Hmm they always rob someone of the title. ARGH!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from ANTM this cycle:

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